About The Studio

BodyGO is a friendly local gym for people all ages and fitness levels. We are offering unique Semi Personal fitness training was designed to cater for people want a more personal experience similar to 1-on-1 Personal Training session without the huge cost.


It is for people who don`t like being one of 20 to 30 people in a class at any one time - which only allows a one style program and we feel limits the individual attention required to be truly successful.


BodyGO has been established since 2009 in the Balmain & Rozelle area and we truly believe in what we are doing. We can not wait to show you the best way of having fun and keeping fit with great people. Come join our happy group and see why people have stuck by us for a decade!

The Session

  • You will be taken through each session by a qualified personal trainer. 

    This means each session is tailored with consideration to your history and your goals.

  • You can prebook your sessions, keeping yourself accountable and committed to get the  best results.

  • According our philosophy best training is various and fun so you never get bored.

  • BodyGO specialises in small personalised group training. In effect it is like 1 to 1 personal training, but you share the space with up to 3 other people with some socialising benefits. 


  • Your sessions will be designed for you fitting your need and goals and will be different to what other people are doing.

  • You can use discuss you current goals and concerns, seek for nutrition advice and improve you exercise technics with one of ours professional experienced trainers who always willing to help.



"BodyGO – I can get bored quickly with gym routines and in other places have usually only lasted for 10 or so months but I have been at BodyGo for about 6 years now - in its different guises.

The BodyGo trainers vary my program regularly, designing exercises to keep me interested. 
I originally joined up to lose weight, improve general stability as I had fallen over a few times, reduce risk of diabetes and heart problems,  be fit enough to ski each year, and something else I can’t remember  . . . The weight remains (not BodyGo’s fault) but it has been re-distributed – skiing has been good, and so far no sign of diabetes or heart problems though my memory has not improved . . . but I do manage to right myself when I trip!  All the staff have been excellent and extremely personable  . . ."

- Jane, 72 y.o.

"For me, BodyGo offers the perfect solution for all of my fitness needs. I train at an affordable price with a trainer who is committed to working with me to achieve my goals.

He knows exactly how and when to motivate me and I have 100% confidence that everything I am asked to do is helping me work closer to reaching these goals.

My programs are varied and interesting and they have delivered significant gains cardio fitness and strength.”

- Clare 43 y.o.

Our team

Natalia profile.jpg

Brendon Bailey



Brendon owned and operated his own gyms for last 20 years. Whilst he has had large commercial and corporate gyms, his real passion has always been the smaller, more personal approach.

Being a former professional (Rugby League) athlete and a fitness person all his life and has trained with elite players and athletes from many sports including world champion UFC fighters and martial artists, and also worked with the Worlds Strongest Man Thor Bjornsson. 


These days Brendon also runs his landscaping company, so we dont see him much, but at 46 years old, he understands the journey from young bull, to mature liver of a full and active life. You will often find him at our free seminar nights.


  • Certificate III Fitness Instructor

  • Certificate IV Fitness Trainer

  • Certificate IV Massage Therapies

  • Level 2 PICP Structural Balance Coach


Brendon rides dirt bikes, makes furniture, Hanging out with his dogs Jersey and Douglas.. He also wants to live off grid in a home he built.


  • Brendon is experienced in functional, power & strength training (if you like running long distance, he isnt your man) with a focus on HIIT & Tabata style cardio

  • Mobility is everything so if you see him most likely you are up for mobility session before the strength & conditioning even starts

  • He is qualified masseur, but most will tell you he is a torturer and deep tissue is all he is interested in.

Randy Strickland




Randy is a highly experienced and truly passionate about his profession as a trainer that he has been doing full time for over 9 years now!

He had a six year journey with the Army in America, with 4 years experience as an Army Fitness trainer (PTI which is a very high level) and over 5 years of coaching experience in nutrition, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, fat loss, and HITT, helping people realise their performance  potential through nutrition and training in the gym.


Thats sounds hardcore (and it is), but Randy is one of the most caring, helpful trainers we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. 



  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Cert 3 & 4

  • Australian Fitness Academy Cert 3 & 4

  • Precision Nutrition Coach 

  • Army Master Fitness Trainer Certified 

  • Over 9 years experience working as a full time trainer

  • Currently Studying High Performance Sport

  • Competitive Powerlifter


At his young age, Randy is already a husband and a father! Randy loves watching, reading and listening to anything and everything about sports.  Gamer nerd at heart since birth.


  • Progressive strength training (must for everyone!)

  • Nutrition Coach

  • Functional movement assessment and correction

  • Posture assessment and correction 

  • Post rehabilitation

  • Pregnancy training

  • Older adults training

  • Sports coaching

Natalia Bailey




Natalia has been working in the the industry since 2002, last 5 years as a full time personal trainer and fitness instructor in Australia.

Her russian accent makes a simple direction seem like an order, until you see her huge smile!!!

Natalia specialty is in body recomposition, Australian National Bodybuilding (ANB) and International Natural Bodybuilding Association Champion, she took 6th place on Australian National competition in 2015, has been sponsored as an athlete and fitness blogger for adidas-running. 




  • Certificate III Fitness Instructor

  • Certificate IV Fitness Trainer

  • Certificate I Gymnastic for Kids

  • Diploma in Fitness for Special Populations and Older Adults 

  • Certificate IV Massage Therapy

  • Certificate trainer Matt Work Pilates 

  • Certified trainer Pelvic floor foundation

  • Certified trainer Thumb Boxing

  • Certified trainer Animal Flow

  • Certified trainer Nutrition Therapy by Health Science Academy



Passionate aquarist and dogs lover, proud mum of japanese koi Harvey Dent, Douglas and Jersey who you will probably meet if you train with us.


Natalia can disclose the professional athletes secrets of how they train and diet correctly to get perfect toned beautiful body and to be able to maintain it.

  • Effective strength training and dieting programs 

  • Coaching correct exercise techniques to make them safe and effective.

  • Stretching, PNF stretching and trigger point therapy and mobility

  • Posture assessment and correction